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On January 17 th, 2013 Kim Jaejoong officially comeback as Solo Singer. The JYJ member released his music video for title track “MINE” from his First Mini Album “I” through CJes Official Youtube.

This music video has been anticipated since the teaser released. 42 seconds teaser was successfully left fans in amusement on Jaejoong’s transformation.

The 4 minutes and 20 second full music video finally fulfilled fans’ curiousity. Took 60 hours for filming in the 7 different sets, this music video deserves to called Epic.

It’s entertained us in audio and visual perfection by Jaejoong’s strong vocal, his interpretation of the song, and his huge transformation in appearance.

Dark aura, Goth style, Kim Jaejoong transformed from the Charming Lost Prince into  Dark Vampire Angel with his Wings and Fangs.

Now I can tell you, this is how you get refresh from boring dance music video all along yeah !!!

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Yeyyy finally, after waiting for almost a day, CJes released Kim Jaejoong Mv Teaser for title track “Mine”

I’m so excited yeah but I didn’t expect contain of the video can shocked me that much.

Kim Jaejoong changed his image darker and cold.

In the beginning we can see the super handsome prince lost in nowhere, the other part he turned into mysterious phantom.

My favorite part is of course Vampire Jae which is always in my fantasy lol.  Overall, Kim Jaejoong gives us total evolution.

Can’t hardly wait for the full music video next week !!!!

Kim Jaejoong Fighting !!!