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Naver LINE Live Chat with JYJ Jaejoong 130311


Annyeong haseyo
Long time no see ^_^
Today such a day, I experienced a lot madness and brightness but lets just share about the brightest story today πŸ™‚
I gotta share Naver LINE Live Chat with JYJ Jaejoong
I got the translation from @dongbangdata so all credit goes to them not mine …

[LINE] Jaejoong’s talking about his Asia Tour and talking about how excited he is to be on Naver LINE! πŸ˜€
[LINE] Jaejoong’s sending us a message on LINE right now!
[LINE] Jaejoong did that to prove that it really was him that was sending the messages and not someone else X) Lots of events prepared!
[LINE] Jaejoong’s introducing LINE. He was trying to figure out how many people use LINE worldwide
[LINE] Jaejoong says JYJ have collected 700,000 followers on LINE in 9 days. And looks really smug about it. Wants to hit 1million soon
[LINE] The event is to decorate Jaejoong’s photo and the prize is the (weird.. like wth is that supposed to be) LINE character dolls.
[LINE] Jaejoong just tried to pick up the ‘Sally’ cut out and put it right down and was like ‘omg why is this so heavy’
[LINE] Jaejoong loves using emoticons when texting friends and finds animal emoticons really funny πŸ™‚
[LINE] The photos for the Naver LINE event need to be submitted by 10pm and the prize will be going to 10 people.
[LINE] They got a lot of submissions from over 30 countries including Sweden, Saudi Arabia and UAE (aww yiss, holler at the Emiratis!)
[LINE] Submissions: A male fan has been to JYJ’s overseas concert. Jaejoong always asks if there are male fans at every concert.
[LINE] When Jaejoong sees a male fan, he keeps wanting to look their way and sing to them. Because they’ve always been so rare
[LINE] Submission: Park Ji Won has been a fan since 2005, when she was five. (Born in 2001!!!)
[LINE] Jaejoong’s talking about all the Japanese people who come to Korea to learn Korean. He wants to teach them Korean himself
[LINE] Jaejoong’s confident enough that he’ll be able to help people master Korean in 3 months. DO IT.
[LINE] Submission: Lee Jae Mo got interested in JYJ after he found that his unrequited love was a huge fan of Jaejoong
[LINE] Jaejoong’s thankful for the comments but he’d like it if people didn’t make comments about his lips, eyes, etc (it embarrasses him)
[LINE] lol Translators are working right now. BRING IT YO. I CAN TAKE YOU.
[LINE] haha The translators are telling Jaejoong, he’s talking too fast and he’s like “uh oh.. I guess I need to slow down”
LINE] Jaejoong’s sympathizing with those who haven’t been chosen for a single fansign event/concert etc. and vows to make more events!
[LINE] The translators are going to be reading some of the submissions from intl fans for a bit. I don’t understand Japanese D:
[LINE] Jaejoong hasn’t used Japanese (formally) in 4 years so he’s a little rusty[LINE] Ooooh is Maha from Palestine who lives in Saudi Arabia on Twitter? Shout out to you! (I hope I spelled your name right)
[LINE] Jaejoong is shy about saying ‘Noona’ to fans and hearing ‘Oppa’ from them XD
[LINE] Jaejoong is now chatting with fans who were chosen for the Chat event πŸ™‚
[LINE] Jaejoong loves emoticons, and he wants the other people to reply faster lol ‘They must be putting a lot of thought in their words’
[LINE] Jaejoong is accepting questions from the chosen fans! Let’s see what they come up with πŸ˜€ He doesn’t know what they’ll ask.
[LINE] JS: What are you doing? JJ: Chatting. JS: Chatting? What? JJ: Naver LINE chatting. JS: Ooooooooooh.
[LINE] JJ: What are you doing? JS: Playing soccer. JJ: …… What exactly is your job? Are you a soccer player or a singer?? JS: *laughter*
[LINE] Jaejoong’s making Junsu choose between soccer and singing. Junsu said singing, because it gave him the opportunity to meet all of us
[LINE] Jaejoong asked Junsu to join him next time, and Junsu said ‘Yeah. Why didn’t you invite me? I didn’t know you were doing that today’
[LINE] Jaejoong’s calling Yoochun right now. But his phone is turned off. Jaejoong looked really flustered lolol
[LINE] Jaejoong’s sending a recorded message to the chosen fans and apologizing for making them wait while he talked to Junsu
[LINE] *Jaejoong waits for response from fans* “……. CAN YOU GUYS RESPOND FASTER”
[LINE] Jaejoong’s sending them his favorite Emoticons right now.
[LINE] Jaejoong loves it when he sends someone an emoticon and they send him one back as a response.
[LINE] Yoochun has One Kiss as his connecting ringtone and then it suddenly cut to say that his phone is off. Lololol TROLLING
[LINE] Jaejoong thinks he is cutest when he’s sending emoticons. He doesn’t like simple ones, he searches for cute ones to send
[LINE] Jaejoong thinks the members are cutest when they do things like sending him emoticons (like the lips that Junsu sent him)
[LINE] Jaejoong says Yoochun is like a hyung (older brother) to him and he only sends emoticons like hearts occasionally
[LINE] Q: I really like All Alone. Can you tell us the behind story of the writing process? [LINE] Jaejoong usually just writes music when he feels like it. A melody just popped in his head while playing the piano => All Alone
[LINE] Yoochun is on the phone! Jaejoong complained about Junsu talking to much (Yoochun called during Junsu’s call)
[LINE] Jaejoong: Junsu chose singing in instead of soccer. Yoochun: *disbelieving laughter*
[LINE] JJ: What do you think about that? YC: What? What should I think about that kekekeke?
[LINE] Even the staff at C-JeS see Junsu and think ‘Soccer’. One offered to give Junsu a recording of Junsu playing a soccer match
[LINE] Jaejoong finds it hilarious because he always gets offers to see his music video recordings and stuff while Junsu gets his for soccer
[LINE] Yoochun just filmed something and did an interview. He’s happy to be back at work :)Jaejoong finds it stressful to be alone right now
[LINE] JJ: Fanmeets and concerts are different from this. I need you guys. YC: You do? JJ: Can you guys come with me next time? YC: Sure
[LINE] YC: You aren’t talking about your private life? Good. You might shock them with what you say. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ I’m just kidding.
[LINE] YC: If you were Junsu, I’d spill some secrets, but because we’re Soulmates. I won’t.
[LINE] Yoochun said him and JJ need to go out and drink soon. Jaejoong’s cracking up because it feels so private but isn’t X)
[LINE] YC: Even though the weather’s gotten warmer, don’t wear summer clothes or else you’ll catch a cold.
[LINE] YC: Please give your love to Jaejoong, me and soccer-player Kim Junsu. JJ: JYJ forever. YC: JYJ forever. Yeap.
[LINE] Q: What are some funny happenings that have taken place while you worked?
[LINE] Kiss B, Jaejoong wrote the lyrics and a different melody, but he lost the lyrics somewhere so he changed the whole melody+lyrics
[LINE] Q: What will you look like in 20 years? What do you want to achieve?
[LINE] Jaejoong might be a dad by then, or he’ll be singing/acting. He just wants to work hard πŸ™‚ And he’ll keep releasing albums
[LINE] They’ve received 300,000 photos for the LINE event they’re doing right now
[LINE] The prizes for the Picture event are signed CDs from Jaejoong and those Naver dolls!
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to be wrapping things up now. And he kind of doesn’t want to 😦
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to be singing a song from his repackage album as a gift to all of us listening! πŸ˜€
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to sing All Alone. “…. Wait, how did the beginning go again. hahahaha” Oh Jaejoong. You sweet child.
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to be singing another song! Woohoo πŸ˜€ He’s spoiling us rotten πŸ˜‰
[LINE] Jaejoong was disappointed in the fan who suggested ‘Kiss B’ because she got the spelling wrong. “She got EVERYTHING wrong”
[LINE] Jaejoong’s inability to remember how his songs started is quite adorable X)
[LINE] Jaejoong looks so pleased that his album’s sold out. He says he doesn’t like hearing ‘sold out’…. (but you’re so smug right now)
[LINE] JJ: One hour just wasn’t enough for us. (YES IT WASN’T) I’ll work hard on my Asia Tour and the upcoming Tokyo Dome concert.
[LINE] Jaejoong’s also giving us a New Year greeting (for those who didn’t get one from him yet)

Well it’s really bring back my mood to read such a hilarious chats of JYJ …

translation and credit : @dongbangdata on twitter
Thank you so much for a great translation
Always Keep The Faith !!!!


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“XIA” The Shining Diamond Under The Mud

Xia Junsu opened his First World Tour 2012 succesfully in front of 2000 people at TheΒ Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, USA on August 30th 2012.

Junsu, which is my favorite Korean Singer ever, proved himself through his very first full album tittled “Tarantallegra” . This is one of the successful solo album in the first term of the year 2012.

With his confidence and true talent, he created a high Β quality music by himself. His good-looking face, perfect vocal and great talent are the ultimate power that can make this success become real.

Beside his everlasting lawsuit againts SME, Junsu is moving on and make a hard decision before release the full album. “This is the only way I can meet the fans” He ever said.

No one can deny the quality of Junsu as a singer. He’s chosen as the National Vocalist of Korea by the music criticus and other idols. He grows up into an idol with best quality vocal and strong acting skill in musical.

With the support from Family, Jaejoong, Yoochun and his big fans, Junsu has more powerful spirit and confidence to challenge himself to the World.

The fact that JYJ cant promote their music on TV always make me sad and upset. How they’re treated so unfair just make me angry and frustrated.

But, I believe that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu can through over this matter and can fly high, even higher. As a fan, I just can support and give a lot of love for them.

Kim Jaejoong, manhi saranghae juseyo ~

Park Yoochun, manhi saranghae juseyo ~

Kim Junsu, manhi saranghae juseyo ~