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Naver LINE Live Chat with JYJ Jaejoong 130311

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Annyeong haseyo
Long time no see ^_^
Today such a day, I experienced a lot madness and brightness but lets just share about the brightest story today 🙂
I gotta share Naver LINE Live Chat with JYJ Jaejoong
I got the translation from @dongbangdata so all credit goes to them not mine …

[LINE] Jaejoong’s talking about his Asia Tour and talking about how excited he is to be on Naver LINE! 😀
[LINE] Jaejoong’s sending us a message on LINE right now!
[LINE] Jaejoong did that to prove that it really was him that was sending the messages and not someone else X) Lots of events prepared!
[LINE] Jaejoong’s introducing LINE. He was trying to figure out how many people use LINE worldwide
[LINE] Jaejoong says JYJ have collected 700,000 followers on LINE in 9 days. And looks really smug about it. Wants to hit 1million soon
[LINE] The event is to decorate Jaejoong’s photo and the prize is the (weird.. like wth is that supposed to be) LINE character dolls.
[LINE] Jaejoong just tried to pick up the ‘Sally’ cut out and put it right down and was like ‘omg why is this so heavy’
[LINE] Jaejoong loves using emoticons when texting friends and finds animal emoticons really funny 🙂
[LINE] The photos for the Naver LINE event need to be submitted by 10pm and the prize will be going to 10 people.
[LINE] They got a lot of submissions from over 30 countries including Sweden, Saudi Arabia and UAE (aww yiss, holler at the Emiratis!)
[LINE] Submissions: A male fan has been to JYJ’s overseas concert. Jaejoong always asks if there are male fans at every concert.
[LINE] When Jaejoong sees a male fan, he keeps wanting to look their way and sing to them. Because they’ve always been so rare
[LINE] Submission: Park Ji Won has been a fan since 2005, when she was five. (Born in 2001!!!)
[LINE] Jaejoong’s talking about all the Japanese people who come to Korea to learn Korean. He wants to teach them Korean himself
[LINE] Jaejoong’s confident enough that he’ll be able to help people master Korean in 3 months. DO IT.
[LINE] Submission: Lee Jae Mo got interested in JYJ after he found that his unrequited love was a huge fan of Jaejoong
[LINE] Jaejoong’s thankful for the comments but he’d like it if people didn’t make comments about his lips, eyes, etc (it embarrasses him)
[LINE] lol Translators are working right now. BRING IT YO. I CAN TAKE YOU.
[LINE] haha The translators are telling Jaejoong, he’s talking too fast and he’s like “uh oh.. I guess I need to slow down”
LINE] Jaejoong’s sympathizing with those who haven’t been chosen for a single fansign event/concert etc. and vows to make more events!
[LINE] The translators are going to be reading some of the submissions from intl fans for a bit. I don’t understand Japanese D:
[LINE] Jaejoong hasn’t used Japanese (formally) in 4 years so he’s a little rusty[LINE] Ooooh is Maha from Palestine who lives in Saudi Arabia on Twitter? Shout out to you! (I hope I spelled your name right)
[LINE] Jaejoong is shy about saying ‘Noona’ to fans and hearing ‘Oppa’ from them XD
[LINE] Jaejoong is now chatting with fans who were chosen for the Chat event 🙂
[LINE] Jaejoong loves emoticons, and he wants the other people to reply faster lol ‘They must be putting a lot of thought in their words’
[LINE] Jaejoong is accepting questions from the chosen fans! Let’s see what they come up with 😀 He doesn’t know what they’ll ask.
[LINE] JS: What are you doing? JJ: Chatting. JS: Chatting? What? JJ: Naver LINE chatting. JS: Ooooooooooh.
[LINE] JJ: What are you doing? JS: Playing soccer. JJ: …… What exactly is your job? Are you a soccer player or a singer?? JS: *laughter*
[LINE] Jaejoong’s making Junsu choose between soccer and singing. Junsu said singing, because it gave him the opportunity to meet all of us
[LINE] Jaejoong asked Junsu to join him next time, and Junsu said ‘Yeah. Why didn’t you invite me? I didn’t know you were doing that today’
[LINE] Jaejoong’s calling Yoochun right now. But his phone is turned off. Jaejoong looked really flustered lolol
[LINE] Jaejoong’s sending a recorded message to the chosen fans and apologizing for making them wait while he talked to Junsu
[LINE] *Jaejoong waits for response from fans* “……. CAN YOU GUYS RESPOND FASTER”
[LINE] Jaejoong’s sending them his favorite Emoticons right now.
[LINE] Jaejoong loves it when he sends someone an emoticon and they send him one back as a response.
[LINE] Yoochun has One Kiss as his connecting ringtone and then it suddenly cut to say that his phone is off. Lololol TROLLING
[LINE] Jaejoong thinks he is cutest when he’s sending emoticons. He doesn’t like simple ones, he searches for cute ones to send
[LINE] Jaejoong thinks the members are cutest when they do things like sending him emoticons (like the lips that Junsu sent him)
[LINE] Jaejoong says Yoochun is like a hyung (older brother) to him and he only sends emoticons like hearts occasionally
[LINE] Q: I really like All Alone. Can you tell us the behind story of the writing process? [LINE] Jaejoong usually just writes music when he feels like it. A melody just popped in his head while playing the piano => All Alone
[LINE] Yoochun is on the phone! Jaejoong complained about Junsu talking to much (Yoochun called during Junsu’s call)
[LINE] Jaejoong: Junsu chose singing in instead of soccer. Yoochun: *disbelieving laughter*
[LINE] JJ: What do you think about that? YC: What? What should I think about that kekekeke?
[LINE] Even the staff at C-JeS see Junsu and think ‘Soccer’. One offered to give Junsu a recording of Junsu playing a soccer match
[LINE] Jaejoong finds it hilarious because he always gets offers to see his music video recordings and stuff while Junsu gets his for soccer
[LINE] Yoochun just filmed something and did an interview. He’s happy to be back at work :)Jaejoong finds it stressful to be alone right now
[LINE] JJ: Fanmeets and concerts are different from this. I need you guys. YC: You do? JJ: Can you guys come with me next time? YC: Sure
[LINE] YC: You aren’t talking about your private life? Good. You might shock them with what you say. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m just kidding.
[LINE] YC: If you were Junsu, I’d spill some secrets, but because we’re Soulmates. I won’t.
[LINE] Yoochun said him and JJ need to go out and drink soon. Jaejoong’s cracking up because it feels so private but isn’t X)
[LINE] YC: Even though the weather’s gotten warmer, don’t wear summer clothes or else you’ll catch a cold.
[LINE] YC: Please give your love to Jaejoong, me and soccer-player Kim Junsu. JJ: JYJ forever. YC: JYJ forever. Yeap.
[LINE] Q: What are some funny happenings that have taken place while you worked?
[LINE] Kiss B, Jaejoong wrote the lyrics and a different melody, but he lost the lyrics somewhere so he changed the whole melody+lyrics
[LINE] Q: What will you look like in 20 years? What do you want to achieve?
[LINE] Jaejoong might be a dad by then, or he’ll be singing/acting. He just wants to work hard 🙂 And he’ll keep releasing albums
[LINE] They’ve received 300,000 photos for the LINE event they’re doing right now
[LINE] The prizes for the Picture event are signed CDs from Jaejoong and those Naver dolls!
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to be wrapping things up now. And he kind of doesn’t want to 😦
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to be singing a song from his repackage album as a gift to all of us listening! 😀
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to sing All Alone. “…. Wait, how did the beginning go again. hahahaha” Oh Jaejoong. You sweet child.
[LINE] Jaejoong’s going to be singing another song! Woohoo 😀 He’s spoiling us rotten 😉
[LINE] Jaejoong was disappointed in the fan who suggested ‘Kiss B’ because she got the spelling wrong. “She got EVERYTHING wrong”
[LINE] Jaejoong’s inability to remember how his songs started is quite adorable X)
[LINE] Jaejoong looks so pleased that his album’s sold out. He says he doesn’t like hearing ‘sold out’…. (but you’re so smug right now)
[LINE] JJ: One hour just wasn’t enough for us. (YES IT WASN’T) I’ll work hard on my Asia Tour and the upcoming Tokyo Dome concert.
[LINE] Jaejoong’s also giving us a New Year greeting (for those who didn’t get one from him yet)

Well it’s really bring back my mood to read such a hilarious chats of JYJ …

translation and credit : @dongbangdata on twitter
Thank you so much for a great translation
Always Keep The Faith !!!!


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