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Wow this is my new update. Bringing up my special bias Kim Jaejoong, I wanna review his breakthrough this year.


Yes, he comes back with a great surprise for his fans around the world. Finishing his drama Dr Jin and movie Jackal Is Coming, actor Kim Jaejoong back to his true identity as singer Kim Jaejoong.

The multitalented idol secretly prepared his first solo mini album while his tight schedule as an actor. Kim Jaejoong personally asked rock vocalist Kim Bada to compose song for his solo album.


Jaejoong decided to choose Rock genre for his first solo album. As we all know Kim Jaejoong is a singer with a great unique voice. Not only capable in ballad but he proved his rocker side when released “Maze” few years ago.


Fans’ expectation become higher as his agency CJes released photo teaser of him. the photo absolutely beautiful. Since it’s rock album, some netizen arguing this beautiful photo not suit for his image for album. But Jaejoong has his own reason, rock not always dark and tough. Through this album he wants to reveal his true self, both his tough and sensitive side.

For me it’s a unique taste of a Kim Jaejoong.


A week after photo released, the agency revealed the video teaser of recording. The video showed Jaejoong in the recording studio. This video just made fans super excited and impatient to wait.


The album itself will officially release on January, 17th 2013 with 5 title tracks including Mine as the title album.

The launching of this album will be celebrate with a mini concert and fanmeeting on January, 26th 2013 right on Jaejoong’s Birthday. The concert ticket itself started to sell on January, 7th 2013. This ticket sales broke the record as the longest down server right after the opening sales started. 16,000 ticket sold in minutes. They called it Power Of Kim Jaejoong J.


But before the official date, Jaejoong will pre-release the single track One Kiss on January, 8th 2013 at noon. The song composed by Kim Bada and lyric by Jaejoong himself.


Well the song relesased already after I posted this blog hehehe .

The song with rock soul well written by Kim Bada and deep meaning lyric written by Jaejoong. We can feel deep emotion in his voice, the song is addicted so do the singer.


Right after the song released, it became number one in many digital sales websites. Once more it’s the Power of Kim Jaejoong.


The conclusion for me is that whatever happened, how hard they take him down, he always open his mind, pay the love of the fans with his hardworking and he never fails to make us proud of his working. That is Kim Jaejoong, the 9th son of Kim’s family, the oldest of JYJ, the 4D man Kim Jaejoong, The one we love with whole heart.


Kim Jaejoong Fighting !!! JYJ Fighting !!!



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