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Kim JaeJoong First FanMeeting In Jakarta Part 1 (Before Event Report)

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Good morning ^^










Today November 3rd, 2012 is Kim JaeJoong 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta Indonesia. I am one of the lucky fans who will meet him today.


I already got my ticket after struggling to go around places to find it. That’s my own fault coz buy it in last minute, but it’s worth more for me. I almost cry when they told me they cant sell it anymore.


Scream out like a frustrating woman along my work. But I never loose hope coz I’m sure we mean to be meet hehehe…


And I try my last luck to find the place whih is told to sell it. With a new smile I went

there but they said the sales closed hour before I came. Damn I almost cry. But they try to help me and the last answer was, they give me that damned ticket. That’s emotional moment as I really wanted to hug both of that sales girl. And I cant stop smiling along my way home like a stupid but I don’t care 😛


I wont forget how hard I’ve been through to get that ticket and now above my bed I planned something to wear, something to buy for cheering him.


The report

finish till here, later I will tell you what happen on my way to the venue ^^



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