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” Fans vs Idol’s GF “

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Annyeong Haseyo, long time no see. Park HyoSang imnida, your admin here ….

First of all I want to say this article below is just my personal opinion. It’s my opinion as a common not as a fan. I’m not goin’ to talk spesifically about someone so dont get me wrong.


Well this is a big issue which is never goin’ to an end ^^.

Fans vs Idol’s GF, well this part I talk about Kpop Fans and Kpop Idol. I am one of the big fan of Kpop since 4 years. I enjoy the drama and the music too.

in this case I am Indonesian so the issue about idol’s dating is just a usual case but not in Kpop. I’m surprised that this is a very dangerous issue to be spoken on public.

Kpop fans is fanatic one and very sensitive about dating issue, they’re loyal fans but also freak in some ways.

Me, myself has an ultimate bias. the one I like so much, like a role model, I value him a lot but I am rasional enough to differentiate between fangirling and overacting.

Some news spread about idol’s dating scandal recently. when I read the news I just laughed a lot. Fans can be a great supporter but also can be the worst terror for an Idol.

I’m asking myself, why people can be so shallow??? yeah in this case they are idol, but arent they just a human??? why they can experience such thing like dating??? why fans so selfish for claiming their idol as theirs???

Well, Maybe in some reasons Idol have to keep secret about their privacy but when it starts to leak how come fans cant easily accept it? I feel so pity with the Idols, live their life like a prisoner instead an Idol.

based on my experience, I’ve found some Kpop fans like this, cry so hard when their idol kissing on drama or mv, or mad when their idol close to another artist. This is ridiculous, dont you think. How come you complaining his work since your idol is an artist, lol~

Someone ever asked me how do you feel when your ultimate bias kissed a lot in his drama? I dont mind it, I just enjoy the drama since my idol is an actor, he put his best to acting. Why should I feel upset or mad to the actress???

What if my ultimate bias has a girlfriend? I will definitely glad, why? because I know someone will take care of him more than just a fan like me can do. I want my idol have a perfect life, work, famous, do his military duty, getting married, raise children and getting older in happiness. I dont want my idol live in fear, feel depressed because of fans.

In the end the conclusion is I just want to remind you guys, our Idol is just an ordinary person like us. Fans are to support and share love. Idol is belong to themself, we have No Right to interfere their personal life.

Keep on Fangirling in positive way, Love and Protect your Idol ^^

Gamsahamnida 🙂



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Just A Free Soul, seeking for peaceful in life. Love reading, Occasionally writing fanfics and RPG, Passionate in Music, I follow K-Pop, K-Drama, J-Dorama/Movie, Currently One Ok Rock fans, Medium level Otaku; mostly Soujo, secretly read BL manga too LOL Has obsession on Himura Kenshin and Sato Takeru.

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