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Kim Hyun Joong The 4D Prince Profile

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Kim Hyun Joong ssi is a singer, model and actor was born on 06 June 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. He is known as a Leader of Korean Famous Boyband “SS501”

He is a charismatic person with bright personality. Known as pretty boy for his beautiful appearance, 4D Prince for his unique personality, U:Zoosin Prince for his deep obsession on Alien existence.

His acting experience in a comedy drama “Can Love be Refilled”, continue with a big hit drama “Boys Before Flower” as phenomenal character Yoon JiHoo, the Latest one “Playfull Kiss” as a genius and cold Baek Seung Jo coupled with Jung So Min.

On 7 June 2011, one day after his 26th birthday He held a free showcase for his fans as he launched his 1st Solo Mini Album tittled “BreakDown” which is got a great sales till more than 110,000 copies.

Recently, on 11th October Kim Hyun Joong Released his 2nd Solo Mini Album tittled “Lucky” and show another different concept than his first album.


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